Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Virginia Is For Lovers Pt 1

This past weekend John and I flew up to Roanoke, Virginia for one of my dear friends wedding.
While in town I also got to catch up with a bunch of college (and "honorary" college friends) friends.
 1) Is there anything better than a hammock in the summer 2) The view of my college town 3) Prepping for the weekend.
 1) ICE CREAM SUNDAES! 2) College buddies + college hangout = JOY! 3) Pop's Ice Cream & Soda Bar, I missed you!
 1)  The Roanoke Star: the world's largest freestanding illuminated man-made star 2) My friend's mother baked me not one but TWO of my favorite cakes to bring me! 3) GIRLS! I love these girls!!!
 1) Popped John's Grace's Place cherry 2) Wheels of Death 3) The moment where you wonder/doubt if you should/can take another bite 4) We've been going to this pizza joint since freshman year (note: they don't take checks)
Going back to Roanoke is always awesome. I spent 4 amazingly magical years there and am so grateful I had the experiences that I did. This trip also marked the first time that John got to meet MANY Hollins ladies and truly see the town I've talked to him about a million times before........

to be continued


  1. i love your new header and the last photo! That mosaic is fabulous!

  2. appearance! famous! xxoxo. i also like the new header. :) i have never been to the star or been to that ice cream place. maybe next time...

  3. bomb.

    ps. who still writes checks??

    1. You'd be surprised how many people still do at this place! We witnessed people getting turned away from Grace's over the years and it became an on going joke.

  4. looks like a fun trip :)
    thanks for stopping by and saying hello.
    And I agree with Ashley, the mosaic photo is just wonderful.

  5. haha i like your picyures so lovely and sweet:)
    that's life!

  6. I love your hair and your sunnies AND your new header. Oh, and that last pic of you and John! Looks like fun times- I love getting to see my college friends, nothing beats that!