Thursday, August 2, 2012


Top 10 Things I'm 'Lovens' on Currently:

1) Coming home to new issues of BUST and DRAFT magazine!
2) Being able to take random beach trips
3) Upcoming weddings for friends
4) FINALLY booking a ticket back to Pennsylvania to visit family and friends
5) This music video:
(I just want to live in the ridiculousness that is this video!)

6) Cranberry juice + seltzer water + Tito's Vodka = magic in my mouth
7) Kitten kisses
8) Home cooked meals enjoyed on my front porch with a ever so slight breeze
9) Sprinkles!
10) Being back in the city I love with the man I adore.
Note: This is the man I adore getting pulled up to dance the disco during half time at Roller Derby.

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