Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life Is Better With Wine Pt 1

I think a great way to follow up my recent post about my friend's wedding is to do a few post of my recent trip to wine country in California. Why? Because this trip was taken with ANOTHER Hollins Summer Camp friend. It's crazy, I know!
Kristin and I were actually roommates during the 2 week camp and remained in contact for 7 years before seeing each other again. Now, funny enough, I've been able to see her much more due to work taking me to Los Angeles where she lives and works.
 While I was working in LA we took a little road trip up to Solvang, CA. Without knowing much about the city we didn't know what exactly to expect....
 We booked a tour with Grapeline which proved to be a excellent choice. If you are going anywhere that has their services (i.e. wine country) I highly recommend them.

1) 1st stop...and best stop: Curtis Winery 2) We had amazing wine 2) And amazingly bad wine that I drank as fast as you may a Jager shot.

 1) Our bus was filled with mostly people who a) worked in film and b) were around our age. There was lots of fist pumping and drunkenly singing to Journey....oh so much Journey. 2) Grapeline provides a wonderful lunch....full of carbs. Smart thinking when it comes to a wine tour.
1) Our last stop had a dog! And amazingly cute dog that after so many beverages became impossible to not get overly excited (like a child) to pet 2) A wine I bought for John that we are saving for our upcoming anniversary 3) The cutest old couple owned Huber Cellars. It felt like they invited us over for a little gathering in their backyard.

Repeat photo (but I love it so, SO much!)

I couldn't have asked for a better wine tour experience. When I went back to work the following Monday I couldn't stop gushing and how it was worth putting up with all the long grueling hours we had done the previous 9 months in order to have this perfect weekend.
And oh.....it got better

PS Look at the bottom of Martha's wedding post and you'll see a photo of not only Martha....but Kristin....AND Emily (who was my freshman year roommate). It's all connecting!


  1. Looks like you had a blast, I'd love to go on a wine tour... there is nothing better than a big (huge) glass of red wine in my books (preferably Italian, but I'm biased)