Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TREAT YO-SELF Tuesday: July 3

I haven't done a TREAT YO-SELF Tuesday in awhile.....
Do not be confused, I have not been spending money wisely. Nay, I still pay for episodes of Bravo TV shows I miss, splurge on dresses I may only wear once, and massages.
Recently I really had a "F*CK IT! I deserve" it moment and decided to subscribe to Umba Box

Here is the concept:
"Love handmade? Join Umba Box to receive curated packages of 2-3 modern & whimsical 
women's handmade products each month."

(yeah, I totally just copied and pasted instead of thinking of a original way of explaining it to y'all. Sorry. Still follow me? Eh?)

Truth be told, I'm a little nervous that this may have been a bad sleep deprived purchase.....but only time will tell. I look forward to completely forgetting about this and getting my first package to which I will pretend someone loves me enough to send me a 
"whimsical" box of treats.

How did you TREAT YO-SELF this week?


  1. Oh goodness, I have been spending money like it's water too! And Umba box sounds really neat, I will look into it! :)


  2. THIS IS AWESOME! I've been looking for some kind of monthly subscription that really suited me. I'm not into the makeup ones. This one sounds great, though. Might have to subscribe to this when I have a bit of spare cash. Thanks!!