Monday, June 4, 2012

Oyster Fest 2012

Remember how recently I said festival season was over? Well I lied. Not on purpose. Nay. I just thought it seemed like festival season may come to a stand still due to the impending intense heat. It's funny that I've lived in New Orleans for 4 years (on and off for 5 1/2 years) and I still can't keep track of these things.
Aaaaaanyway, this weekend was The Oyster Festival. John loooooves oysters......fanatical might even be a better choice word. Not sure if you remember a oil spill caused by BP (this is meant to be read in a sarcastic manner) but it completely f*cked up our oysters for awhile. Whenever we vacationed outside of Louisiana, we were constantly on the look-out for oysters. While things aren't 100% back to normal with the local seafood industry things are looking up.
1) Half a dozen Acme oysters? Don't mind if I do 2) Sucking the oysters down 3) Keeping the festival alive in 2012!
 1) One of the best parts of festivals is trying out new restaurants (to us) and enjoying the food enough to try it out later 2) "Bloody" oysters with a shot of vodka poured it them!
While I don't eat seafood myself I still found a little something at the festival thanks to Andrea's stand with some delicious cheese ravioli.

Festivals in New Orleans never bore me. I love them so much! Till next weekend's festival????

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