Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dear 7 Day Work Week

I feel bad for recently complaining so much about my job as I am truly living the dream and working in the field I've wanted to work in since I was 10......but....I'M FREAKIN' EXHAUSTED! And we all know that once we reach a certain delirious point we can't think about anything but catching up on things like sleep (or minor things like laundry and a clean house).
I should also mention that I have clocked (by the end of my Wednesday work day) about 60 hours of work.....so my guess is I'll be close to over a 100 by the end of the week....or more

PS The lovely photo above is brought to you by my new favorite app I'd Cap That. It's hilariously addictive.


  1. You can do it!!!!!! Think about all those dolla-dolla bills that will be gracing your bank account!


    Sending you the energizing-anti-delirium vibes!

  2. Oh good lord I feel ya! I've had those horrible over worked weeks, though your picture cracked me up!

  3. That picture made me laugh so hard. You're awesome.