Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble

-Is it a workout if all I do is put on a bathing suit and have a epic panic attack?
-I really wish 3 day weekends were the norm
-Why do some season finales happen in early April. It's sheer bullshit!
-When was the last time I baked a pie....I need to bake a pie
-Wasting time on Facebook is SO passe. It's ALL about visiting travel websites and planning fake vacations I'll never be able to afford.
-Trying to give up coffee in the middle of working on a movie is haaaaaaard
-My 5 day work weeks feel like they are actually 3 weeks long....What day is it? What month is it?
- I want a day where I get paid to eat melted peanut butter with chocolate chips and watch Cameron Diaz movies.
-Gah, FOCUS! It's officially bathing suit season
-B-12 vitimans make my pee smell like I ate aspargus that is full of radiation
-Thank god, Mad Men's season is finally starting to get better. They had me worried and I am weirdly emotionally involved with certain charaters
-Screw you 80-90 hour work weeks!
-Yeast is in everything! WTF?
- Damn you, Ben and Jerry's
-Mmmmmm, Moscow Mule
-Excuse me while I disappear in my Pinterest make believe world for hours
-Does stress burn calories? Gosh, I wish stress burned calories!
-A nap sounds like a really good idea right now
-Why does my to-do list keep increasing not decreasing!
-I would really, REALLY like to stop receiving emails about Mother's Day from every place I've ever order from online. 
-Shit, I'm going to the beach this weekend. Put the ice cream DOWN!

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  1. Hugs about Mother's Day :(

    and YES to the three day weekends! Have fun at the beach :)