Thursday, May 31, 2012

Keeping Up with Resolutions: May 2012

May has always been my favorite of the months.....but I'm not sure if it will go down as my "favorite" with productivity with my resolutions....

Read a book every month:
I'm kinda in girl crush love with Hilary Winston after this book. She totally goes under my "fake besties" list. If you enjoy humor, sass, and reading about single life (even though I've been with John for 4-ish years I still remember that hell) in LA this is the book for you. Or not.....whatever, just read it and support my "fake besties"!

Learn a new art form/technique:
Fail....I actually forgot to even think about this one

If I must eat a pizza, only one a month:
Fail, Fail, Fail......this was the worst failure of a month for this resolution....let's just leave it at that.

Eat more leafy greens:
I'll give myself a "B". I haven't been as good with this resolution as I have in other months but it wasn't a complete failure. I blame my intense pizza intake on my lack of leafy greens.

Cook/bake 2-3 new recipes a month:
Success! Once again I must give a little shout out to pinterest for helping making this happen (yup, treating this like the Oscars). I cooked Zesty Brussel Sprouts and Grilled Beet Cheese Sandwich. I'm also just baking beets every Sunday night and throwing them in things to try and make up my own new beet recipe. The ideas always stem from mixing in my "leafy greens" resolution and my love of baked beets.

Keep in better contact with my Mother's friends:
I sent my Mother's friend flowers for Mother's Day this year (which would also have been my Mother's 61st birthday). My Mom was a big sunflower fan so I picked this out as a little "hellz ya" to my Mom.

Travel to at least 2-3 new (to me) cities in the US by the end of the year:
I almost went to a new (to me) city this past weekend but my plans fell apart last minute. Oh well, I still have another 6 months and I know that I'll be traveling around a bit once I finish the movie I'm currently working on.

So this month wasn't a complete failure but I feel like I could do better. Honestly, I'm just proud of myself for keeping up with ONE of the resolutions let alone three to four!

Have you been able to keep up with your resolutions?

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