Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kahlo's Epic Journey Continues....yet again.

I feel like y'all are probably getting sick of cat post. Or just wondering how much of a creepy cat lady I truly am.....but this epic journey of getting Kahlo into normal kitty health has been just to ridiculous to NOT document. I swear, it's one thing after another!
For those of you keeping score (or not):
-Kahlo originally went in for surgery on both her back knee caps
-About a week later we took her into the vet because something seemed off....and it was. She had somehow, while in a cast, broken her leg!!!
-She had to of course get emergency surgery, stay for a few days, and continue getting weekly check ups

Yesterday she went in for a check up and they decided to take out some pins they put in her broken leg.
Upon doing surgery the doctor discovered a good deal of scar tissue build up and opted to keep her overnight. Honestly, if any cat should hate the vet Kahlo has a majorly good case with hardcore evidence.
She is now back at home, wearing a cone around her neck, and back on antibiotics (which means the JOYS of giving her pills again)

Seriously, how much more health issues can one cat develop????

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