Monday, May 21, 2012

Hey Laaaaadies!!!!

This weekend was a glorious weekend (but really, what weekend isn't?).
One of the highlights was having a ladies night with two fellow ladies who work in film with me. I rarely get to see them because we normally are on different movies with crazy hours. Sadly, within our department, they normally only hire one female and the rest are men. 
To start the evening we went for a much needed mani/pedi. Our feet were looking rough due to long hours on our feet. There were mos def a few moans of utter pleasure from our corner.....along with the fact that the electrical massage chairs were a bit aggressive.

Next stop was St. Joe's Bar which is always a must stop whenever we all go out. They truly have the best mojitos in New Orleans. It's just a common fact within the city and we totally embrace it.
We went to dinner at one of my favorites: Cafe Granda
I'm pretty sure I've posted about this restaurant at least 5-10 times and it sounds like it's the only place I eat....I do eat there often but not all the time (although I could easily).
Most our dinner convo was about a recent engagement within the group. "Giddy" would best describe what our table sounded like. 
We finished the night at Carrollton Station which is neighbor bar full of epic karaoke. We didn't reeeeeeally need to go out to another bar but we weren't ready to end the night.

I wish every night was ladies night.

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