Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Camille's Baptism

This weekend I had the honor to attend John's niece's baptism!
 Truth be told, I have never been to a baptism. I also have never been to a Catholic mass. It was a pretty overwhelming experience. While I was raised Episcopalian, I haven't been to an actual "church service" since I was 13. When I was 19 I changed religions to Quaker which is VERY different from Catholic.
 This baptism was even more special in our household as John is Camille's godfather!
Little Camille was a champ. She didn't cry at all during the service or during her actual baptism. She kept her eyes on her two older sisters and had the biggest grin. 

While I respect all forms of religion and John's Catholic upbringing I often wonder if I would baptize my child. My faith does not do a formal baptism like most Christian faiths but I often wonder, would it really hurt to do one? Also, I feel like it would be a nice way to show respect for John's family.
What are your opinions?
Are you the same religion as your partner/spouse?

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  1. Me and my girlfriend were both raised Catholic, me more strictly than she was. We both left the church separately and my family is still pretty devout. We're not so much into religion but are thinking about joining a Unitarian Universalist Church when we move back to NJ. They have something similar to a Baptism that isn't called that. And they have something like CCD for the kids to go to where you learn about world religions. I think I'll definitely do these things for our kids. Even if we don't join the UU Church, I think I'll baptize our kids for two reasons 1) Respect for my family and 2) Paranoia. That Catholic Church digs the paranoia claws in deep haha. And you're right, it can't hurt. It's a pretty ceremony and a nice day. A little piece of mind but to each their own. :)