Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Addicted to Beach

It's impossible for me to get sick of going to the beach. I seriously wish I could go every weekend.
 This past weekend my friend and I headed to Gulfport, MS. Just a quick little drive and perfect day trip. Originally it was just going to be me, myself and I but she was able to meet up with me after I was there for an hour.
Yup, that's right. I'm so addicted to any amount of beach time that if I can't find anyone to go with me I'll gladly go by myself.
 1) Beach reading 2) Sunning it up and loving it 3) My new beach reading "glasses" 4) And I wonder why I'm soft around the edges. Hmmmm.
It should also be noted that I am now addicted to buying ridiculous sunglasses.
Also note, that I am blind as a bat without my glasses so buying sunglasses is kinda ridiculous.

Till next time, my love (aka the beach)


  1. Oh my goodness! Your hair! It's so beautiful. I need to learn to do that to my hair.

  2. So much fun! Isn't just about everything better with a friend?

    You really oughta get some prescription sunglasses, girl...

  3. my bff recently bought a house with a pool. needless to say, the sun and i are becoming great friends too.

  4. Before I read the last couple of sentences I was like, man, this is a parade of shades. LOVE your orange ones.

  5. Oh I feel you and your beach addiction. It's the best place to relax and read and do all kinds of stuff.