Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TREAT YO-SELF Tuesday: April 24th

This week's TREAT YO-SELF is brought to you by my utter lack of any shoes in my closet and realizing that it's time I branch into other colors of shoes other then red ***
 I could have gone with a "fancier" shoe. One that might go well with, oh say, a nice dress for a wedding. But nay, I went with another pair of Toms. I love the shit out of my current pair and tend to just re-buy them every 2-3 months whenever I wear my previous pair out. They always remind me of wearing ballet slippers which brings back childhood/teenage years fond memories.
Jackson not recognizing his Mama without red shoes
Did I reeeeeally need a new pair of Toms? No. My current pair a still in borderline good condition.  Do my feet feel all fancy and clean when I put them on? Yup. And I bet I could jump higher just because they are new shoes. Am I wondering if I will ever wear them because I hate wearing shoes that aren't red? Yes, yes, yes.
But you know what.....it's Tuesday, so f*ck it, TREAT YO-SELF!

***Fun Fact: One of my favorite movies as a child was The Red Shoes which starred Moira Shearer. I was a ballet dancer for most my life so the fact that this was a dance movie and the star shared my first name excited me greatly. When I got older I actually started making a conscious effort to only wear red shoes. As I started working in film it became my trademark on film sets. Better yet, some people even got the film reference when they heard my name and saw my shoes without even asking!

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  1. I still don't have any Toms, I can't quite understand why not! Also, this red shoes thing is adorable! xo