Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kahlo's Epic Journey Continues....

Recently Kahlo had knee surgery on both her back legs. It KILLED me to see her in a little kitten cast and in pain.
This weekend things got EPIC!
We took her to the vet on Saturday because I knew something was wrong. She wasn't attempting to walk which the vet told us she should be by that point. She was barely eating and didn't seem like herself.
Upon arriving at the vets things took a wickedly surprising turn. I thought she had a bacterial infection but much to my AND the vets surprise....she had BROKEN her back left leg.
Yes. That's right. BROKEN HER LEG while in a cast!
The vet had NEVER seen this happen in his 30+ years of being a orthopedic vet.
She had to go into emergency surgery that day and stay for observation until Tuesday night. It's ridiculous how much this little kitty has been through. I feel so bad for her but keep trying to focus on how she'll be able to walk normally once she's all healed.
Fingers crossed we're not in for anymore surprises....

PS My TREAT YO-SELF post might be few and far between due to some hefty vet bills.


  1. Dwaaaaaaa?! Personally, I would refuse to pay for the emergency surgery, since her leg shouldn't break in a cast! :( But more importantly, poor kitty! I hate seeing animals get surgery :(

    1. I should have noted that the second surgery was free including the three days she spent for observation. My vet is truly wonderful and it ashamed that this happened. The first surgery was the super expensive one.

  2. Poor kitty! I am so glad Kahlo is on the mend.