Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time Out

Pretty sure the only reason I kept Jackson's crate from when he was a little puppy is for the sole purpose of putting Maysles in time out. Yes, I realize it's crazy I put one of my cats in time out but this cat can get into MAJOR trouble. I have a scar of my face from when I was blissfully sleeping and he decided to use it as a trampoline. He also doesn't understand personal space, how to not rip apart a door if you try to lock him out in order to do this like sleep, that he shouldn't be feed everyone 2 hours, and that he really doesn't want to go outside....ever.
I never had a male cat growing up. My parents forbid the male gender from our animal household. After having my first male cat I completely understand why.
Sorry if this is an upsetting post but I have seriously not been able to sleep peacefully for about a week in a half due to this little hell-raiser PLUS I've been working 16 hour days in the heat and running my ass off (not at the gym, but at work).
Pretty sure this post is gibberish.

Does anyone else have a HELL-RAISING cat?!?!?!
I love him but sometimes he drives me craaaaazy!


  1. Oh no! Sorry your cat is being a trouble maker! He looks like he's about to cause some damage in that crate. It doesn't help that you have other stressful things going on in life. I would be putting him in time out too. Hope it gets better!

  2. I had a cat who peed in my bed. Like got under the covers and hid it so I didn't know about it until I was tucked in and falling asleep. The vet said there was nothing medically wrong with her, so she was just doing it for attention. I loved her though...she was pretty awesome when she wasn't peeing.

  3. I have a cat like this but instead of jumping on us with his claws he likes to get close to our face and meow SO loud all night long. We have to lock him out sometimes and if we do that he usually likes to find things to destroy... like knocking picture frames off the wall, throwing lamps on the floor. It must be a male thing.

  4. hahha. i always give my mom shit for putting her cat on time out. but maybe it's just a reality that only cat owners understand. gotta keep em in check, i guess?

  5. Lol! I might have to do this to my crazy cat Chloe she is CRAZY and a huge bully !! She loves scratching everything but the huge cat tree my hubby built for her and our other cat. God forbid u walk by her when she's sleeping cause she will rip your pants or your legs up ! I may have to set her up a timeout spot. Lol glad I'm not the only one with a crazy cat!



  6. Girl- I feel your pain. I have the hell raising of all hell raising cats. He has to be put in a room before any company comes over because he turns into a wild, vicious animal with strangers. We always have to have our guest room door closed as he's ruined 2 comforters by peeing all over them because a "stranger" had slept in them. And- what do you know, it's a male cat. Hmmm.