Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sometimes.....the work edition

Sometimes.... my diet is solely Red Bulls and popcorn
Sometimes.... I zone out and play my favorite movies in my head
Sometimes....I average 3-4 hours of sleep a night.
Sometimes..... I take 5-10 minute cat naps in the restroom in order to survive and possible not collapse into a narcoleptic sleep while standing
Sometimes..... I don't wash my hair from Monday to Friday
Sometimes..... I hate that I work with actors/actresses I grew up obsessed with.
Sometimes.... I wear lace bras under my work cloths in order to feel somewhat like a girl and not a grungy boy.
Sometimes..... my perfume in just a mixture of bug spray and sunscreen.
Sometimes..... I don't get a chance to have a moment to step away and pee until late afternoon/evening.
Sometimes....I'm the only woman on set in a group of 40-50 men.
Sometimes..... I fantasy what it would be like to have a normal 9-5 job.
Sometimes.... I am in utter shock/amazement/happiness that I work in the job field that I've wanted to work in since I was 10 years old....and it completely makes me forget all my complaints that I just listed.


  1. Love this, especially the last line :)

  2. This is an awesome post. I hope that one day I can write a post similar to this (hopefully, having made it into the field that I want to be in). It's amazing that you are doing what you want to do. For most of us, it isn't always easy, but the good things in life never are.

  3. I love this. I am so jealous that you get to work with those actors/actresses you grew up with. I think that would be so surreal. And, naturally, I wish we could hear all the dirt! Haha. Hope you are doing well, my dear!

  4. sometimes... your blog makes me smile. :D

  5. Sometimes you probably think you are crazy, but later you won't have the regrets a 9-5 would afford.

  6. This is awesome. It reminds me of when I was working 80 hour weeks stage managing, but didn't mind it so much because I was doing something I loved to do. I was exhausted all the time but it was a happy exhaustion.

  7. Awesome picture of you- I love the suspenders! You made it in the career of your dreams and that is freaking awesome! Even if you do one day quit and go to a 9-5, you'll have such a feeling of accomplishment from that. And... super fun stories from working in the movie industry :)

  8. How awesome! The difficulties are worth it when you're doing something you love. What exactly do you do?

  9. that's really awesome that you got to live your dream - it's also amazing that you are the only women so often like that! i'd imagine that can be a challenge.

    <3 katherine

  10. I think your job sounds pretty awesome but also pretty hard at the same time. My husband is really thinking about becoming a production assistant and I don't know if he has a clue what it entails!! :)