Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Ides of March!

My family has a bunch of oddball traditions that I absolutely love and hope to continue one day with my family. One of my favorites is the Ides of March.
Every year my Dad and I give each other a book and inscribe it with "Happy Ides of March" and the year we gifted it. I have no idea why my Dad decided to start this tradition with me when I was 14. He's a kooky man who made history super fun for my brother and I growing up. Pretty sure this tradition is a perfect example
I love finding books that are inscribed at used book stores. It's fun to make up stories in my mind about the person who gifted it and the person who received it. I cherish all the books my Dad has given/inscribed to me but who knows, maybe one day someone will buy a used book that reads "Happy Ides of March, Love Dad"


  1. This is unbelievable! I hope you and your dad don't mind copycats...

    P.S. Just stumbled on your blog by way of scathingly brilliant...looking forward to reading!