Saturday, March 17, 2012

Creepy Cat Lady of the Day Award

Pretty sure I'd win the Creepy Cat Lady of the Day Award for two reasons:
1) I took Kahlo to the vet today for her yearly check-up/shots which always makes me an emotional wreck. Her little cries from her crate stab me right through the heart every time.
She has some weird knee issue that makes her have a weird limp and a guerrilla like walk. It originally was only her left knee that had this problem but now her right knee is starting to develop it while her left knee has gotten even worse. I have to take her to a orthopedic specialist and get x-rays now to see if she needs surgery.
Here is where the creepy cat lady moment came in....upon hearing all these things in my already fragile state (which I swear they have it noted on her chart that I am high strung mother) I burst in to tears. Yup, TEARS. So embarrassing but I really couldn't help it. I feel like it's my fault which they assured me it wasn't and complimented me heavily about how healthily she is beyond this one little genetic hiccup but still, it took me about 5 minutes to collect myself.
2) Today is Malick's 4th birthday! What does a truly creepy cat lady do? Buy her ALL her favorite foods and give them to her. Today she had a few licks of ice cream, the inside of a tomato slice, nibbles off my tofu chicken, and her OWN (not shared with the other cats) can of tuna cat food.
Honestly, I don't think she knew what hit her.
Malick at 9 weeks old
So what do y'all think? Did I win the Creepy Cat Lady of the Day Award or what?

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  1. I totally feel ya on crying over cat issues! My kitty Tallulah had a weird swelling/lump thing on her jaw last week, and I LOST IT, dude. She was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago, and just had 8 teeth removed about a month ago, and it just killed me that now she was going through something ELSE! (The vet didn't even charge me for that visit, I like to think it was like the kitty version of frequent flyer miles!)

    Hope Kahlo is better soon!