Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keeping Up With Resolutions: February 2012

February is a bitch of a month for "monthly" resolutions as it is shorter than all the rest. I'll openly admit that alot of these resolutions were rushed to completion towards the very end.

Read a book every month:
I've actually never been a huge Sarah Silverman fan. My Mom actually was the reason I knew about her in Sarah's beginning days, oddly enough. 
After reading this book I have a VERY different opinion about Sarah. I am really impressed with how honest she was with talking about her battles with depression. Her experience was eerily similar to mine in high school.

Learn a new art form/technique:
Much like last month, unless you count doodling at work I didn't make any progress in this one.

If I must eat a pizza, only one a month:
Mos def cut it close this month. Why? Two words: Mardi Gras.

More leafy greens:
This has actually become more and more easy. I crave me some leafy greens now.

Cook/bake 2 new recipes a month:
SUCCESS! I actually went over on this one. One of my new favorite dips is now Edamame Bean Dip. Super easy to make too. 
I also made Lentil Soup, Mexi-Grain Salad, and Smoky Mac and Cheese.

Keep in better contact with my Mother's friends:
Check! Sent my Mom (and grandmother's) friend a King Cake in honor of Mardi Gras.

Travel to at least 2-3 new (to me) cities in the US by the end of the year:
1 city down! I traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming this month (check out the posts herehere, and here). Truly a beautiful area to visit. So grateful I got to travel there.

Pretty sure this month was actually more successful than the previous one!

Have you been able to keep up with your resolutions this month?


  1. Damn, I eat pizza at least once a week. I'm impressed! And I love Sarah's book. So good, right?

  2. i'm totally making that edamame dip. *high five* on keeping your resolutions!

  3. ohh that book sounds rad! I totally feel ya on the pizza thing--I think I eat it like 4 times a month.

  4. Looks like you are doing great, I'm proud of you!!

    Virginie ♥