Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, My Love

Happy Birthday to the most AH-mazing man in the world: my boyfriend.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my poor boyfriend was born on the most miserable day for a male to be born: Valentine's Day.
I'm pretty sure this fact bothers me more than him because it's IMPOSSIBLE to plan anything special for him without people assuming it's for Valentine's Day. I always make it a point to say it's his birthday to which we will immediately get much better service most likely due to everyone feeling bad for him getting screwed over in the birthday department (Leap Year babies....you win this battle though).
I plan on stopping by his work today with his favorite cake (German Chocolate Cake which I find foul but hey, this is love) as well as picking up dinner from one of his favorite restaurants so he can come home to a wonderful dinner (he will most likely be getting home from work around 10pm tonight).

I love you, John! I am so thankful you were born and that I met you. You make even the crappiest of days worth it.


  1. I totally get getting screwed out of birthdays. I was born on New Years, everyone is hungover.

    Happy Birthday John!

  2. Happy birthday John! I hope you guys have a great day celebrating together! He's lucky he has an awesome chick that doesn't make him spend his bday valentining :)

  3. Happy Birthday John! And Happy Valentine's to you!

  4. This is adorable. Happy Valentine's day to you two and happy birthday to him! Sounds like it will be special despite the craziness of the holiday :)

  5. so my son just turned 12 today!! and he hates that his birthday is Valentines day, but i only give him birthday things that way he never feels like alentines day over shadows it.my husband and I celebrate valentines day on the weekend so kyle always has his own day! hope your boyfriend has a wounderful day!!