Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghost of Halloweens Past

Happy Halloween, y'all! 
Frida Kahlo
I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy
Tippy from The Birds
All in a days work
My father?
Not sure what I have planned for Halloween just yet but I'm sure I'll end up down near Frenchman Street and dressed up as my spirit animal.
                     What do y'all have planned? Better yet, what are you going to be for Halloween!?!?!

Friday, October 28, 2011

We made it to Pennsylvania!

After many hours of driving and quite a few detours along the way John, my Dad, and I made it to my home town in Pennsylvania! I'm so used to taking this trip all by my lonesome so it was nice to do it with my two Johns (yup, my Dad is named John too....Daddy issues?)
Our first day we got a much later start than was originally planned but it worked out for the best because we only made it to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Why is this amazing? Well, it's because one of my besties from college lives there!!!
She came by the hotel where John and I stayed and we squealed like little girls for hours. Mad props to John for being able to put up with us as well as watching "Sex and the City".
The next day we started MUCH earlier. Staying up HELLA late with a college bestie then waking up at 530am is not a great idea. Even more so when you can't sleep in cars.
Couldn't pass up this cute onsie for my friend who just had a baby!

We stopped by my alumnae college where I stocked up on some gear and showed John around. I wish I could have spent more than 45 minutes with him there but we had the road calling us back (not really, just my Dad telling us we had 6 more hours).
What's a road trip without some weird tacky photo-ops? Thanks Foamhenge!
Note: This is a google image as it was WAY to dark by the time we got home to take an actual photo
We made it to Pennsylvania around 7pm-ish. How does it feel to be home, you ask? COLD! I love living in the south for a reason! 
We don't have any set plans to do anything but go out to dinner with my friends tonight and a Halloween party tomorrow. It's nice to have a nice relaxing trip home.
Any road trips planned in y'all's future?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life As of Lately/ I'm Off to Pennsylvania

My Dad has been in town for the last few days visiting my lovely "new" home.....now I'm off to my "first" home! Instead of flying my Dad, John, and I are doing a two day road trip back up north. No clue what adventures are in store but I do plan on making a stop at my college which I haven't visited since graduating 3 1/2 years ago. It will be the first time John ever sees it. I'm super excited!
I thought I'd share what I've been up to this last week. Not sure how busy I'll be in the next few days!
 1) John and I FINALLY stopped by Dat Dog (they have a veggie dog!) 2) I lucked out and got a FREE 90 minute massage! 3) It's satsuma season! We have a tree in our backyard. 4) My Dad and I at Commander's Palace
 1) My new nail polish obsession 2) A compact boxed wine? Yes, please! 3) Jackson walks himself 4) thrift store find!
1) Surprise dinners at The Grapevine 2) Enjoying the game at home (we slaughtered the Colts) 3) Football season 4) Lovin' on some vinyl.

                                                          What have y'all been up to?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

267,480,160 calories a day

My Dad is in town visiting from Pennsylvania and I SWEAR that every time he visits I consume 267,480,160 calories a day. We go out to all my favorite restaurants which use about 3 sticks of butter per dish (even in the salads). Somehow it seems perfectly okay to stretch my stomach to obscene proportions when my Dad is visiting.
Does anyone else have this lovely gluttony trait?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Some women's hearts/uteruses go a flutter for men holding babies. While some women.....most likely women who will all grow old together in a nursing home.....go crazy when they see men holding kittens/puppies. I am indeed one of these women.
Feast your eyes upon these glorious pictures of John. Cue: a million "awes"

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sundays=Let It All Hang Out Day

What is it with Sundays that you just have to over indulge a little bit TO much. Example: After eating a MASSIVE brunch I came home and ate a bag of chips even though I wasn't hungry AT all. I swear, my stomach takes it upon itself to be giant abyss on Sundays.
That....I'll take ALL OF IT!
Chips, chips, I WANT ALL THE CHIPS!!

                           Does this happen to anyone else? I blame football season. For realz. (Go Saints!)

                                                     *Note: That is a pillow in my sweatshirt. I haven't been eating THAT many chips.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chelsea's Blessingway/Chelsea had her Baby!

Today is a wonderful and much anticipated day. Today, my dear friend Chelsea, had her first child. I previously posted a video I made from a recent visit but never got around to fully sharing the amazing experience I had with her, her husband, and a small group of Hollins women.
Chelsea is an amazing woman. I meet her during my college years. My connection to her was instant. I've never had a moment in our friendship where I've secretly thought, "She's being such a dumb selfish bitch" (don't lie, you sometimes have those moments even with the closets of friends). One of the things that drew me to her (and why I love her) is that she has always oozed womanly confidence. It's almost contagious when you're near her and it's what I inspire to be like. To love every part of being a woman is almost an impossible task in the world we live in.
When I flew to Sarasota to see her she was having both a Blessing Way AND Baby Shower. We all know what goes on at a Baby Shower but not many people have been/heard of a Blessing Way. I had never been to one before and truth be told, had no CLUE what to expect.
Via google, this is how a Blessing Way is explained:
"The Blessing Way is one half of the major Navajo song ceremonial complexes, the other half being the Enemy Way. The rites and prayers in the Blessing Way are concerned with healing, creation, harmony 
and peace." 
At the very beginning of the Blessing Way, I'll be completely honest, I was freaked out. I felt like I had not come prepared with gifts and was not "spiritual" enough to contribute any words of wisdom. It should also be noted I had been filming all night, had left straight from set to catch my flight, flew all day (I can't sleep in planes), and went right into my first Blessing Way experience. As stressful as that all was I learned very quickly that part of the importance of a Blessing Way was to calm the soon-to-be mother. It only naturally rubs off on everyone involved.
The point in the Blessing Way where I became overhwelmed with emotions was when we were all asked to share a quote with Chelsea for her to think of during her birthing process. I had not prepared a quote (along with other things I forgot to do) and was nervous that when it would come around to my turn I'd have nothing. I didn't want to be the shitty friend singled out. Thankfully, while listening to all the other woman speak I felt a sudden rush of just knowing what to say....
When my mother past away a little over a year ago a few quotes from the book "A Year of Magical Thinking" (are you sick of me bringing up this book yet) got me through some hard times. I refer back to it often and surprisingly a book about death can also work with birth. While looking at Chelsea happily with her first child and remembering that I will never be able to share that experience with my Mom I thought of the quote:
"Life changes in the instant. The ordinary instant"
My mother was a BIG fan of Chelsea. In fact, the last conversation I had with her she asked how Chelsea was doing (for a brief moment Chelsea almost moved to New Orleans to live with me). I could honestly feel my mother's presence with me at that moment when I was sharing the quote with Chelsea. While feeling the presence of a past love one is always a blessing it also can overwhelm you with sadness as it confirms your love one is truly gone. I am glad that my mother chose that moment though. I am so happy that she was there to share in Chelsea's beauty and excitement because I KNOW that she would be utterly ecstatic for her.
I am so happy that I was able to experience my first Blessing Way. I am even more happy that it was for Chelsea. I can't imagine not having one when I decide to have children one day.
Congrats to the happy couple and their new baby GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Life as of Lately

 1) Dogs frolicking in the Mississippi River 2) Spotting the Geaux Plate truck and indulging 3) Making homemade vegetable broth 4) Mani/Pedis at the airport
 1) Happy Hour with friends 2) Vegan donuts at Hey Cafe 3) Free Wednesdays at NOMA 4) Being in awe of cutie Kahlo
1) Painting, painting, painting 2) Lunches at one of my favs: Juan's Flying Burrito 3) Weddings for friends 4) Watching my favorite guilty pleasures on Netflix (can anyone name the film?)

                                                          What have y'all been up to lately???

Joan Didion is my therapist

As some of you may know, I'm a big fan of Joan Didion. I credit her for helping me through my mother's death a year ago. Not because we are friends, nay, but because her books have helped me greatly. Her simple choices of wording have helped me explain to people how I am feeling when I can't think of the words myself.
On November 1st her next book comes out: Blue Nights
While she comes across as a weak and fragile old woman she is anything but that. She has powered through not only the sudden death of her husband but also her only daughter. I am constantly in awe over the fact that she was able to write out her feelings so well. I won't pretend that I didn't seek out self-help books with my mother's sudden death because I very much did. It wasn't until I found "The Year of Magical Thinking" that I felt any relief at all. It is not a book just about a wife losing her husband but about person losing another person who they could have never FULLY imagined their life without. We may think we know what grieving will be like but until it fully consumes you after an event nothing compares.

I constantly fear that I bring up my mother's death to often on my blog and wonder if it bothers people (or honestly if people notice at all). But then I think, "Gosh, it was such a relief when I read about other people going through what I was going though". I will never go into much depth over how my mother died other than it was sudden and she was not "sick" before hand as I don't think it really matters. I remember (before my mother's death) asking people how a loved one died but than I realized (after my mother's death) it really doesn't matter. A death will change you no matter how it happens so why ask how, if it is not offered to you in the first place.
So, I hope this wasn't to much of a Debbie Downer post.  I get kinda awkward when I feel like I'm opening up a little too much. Cue: awkward shrug and hiding of the head with hands....

*Note: I just realized she'll be in Los Angeles doing her book tour when I will be there. Fingers crossed I'll have time to go!*

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weddings and Bike Rides

 New Orleans in October is amazing. You can't help but want to be outside ALL the time. It also tends to always be jam packed with weddings....
 John and I opted to ride bikes to a wedding yesterday. I wasn't sure if that was kosher but it just felt right.
 I couldn't help but wonder if the people we road past could tell we were riding to a wedding due to how fancy we were dressed. Oh well.
                                                   Most of all, congrats to the happy couple!!!!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Simple Raw Kale Salad

When I'm inbetween working on films I can become a REALLY unhealthy eater. Like, pizza for every meal kind of unhealthy eater. I'm TRYING to do better right now but I'm not gonna lie, I've had a few hiccups. Last night I made one of my favorite go-to meals and I thought I'd share it with y'all.
                                                                       What you need:
                                                                         -a bushel of kale
                                                                         -1 large tomato
                                                                          -1 lemon
                                                                          -1 avocado
                                                                          -sea salt

                                                          -rip up the kale and throw into a big bowl
                                                          -dice up tomato and mix into bowl of kale.
-cut up whole avocado and put into a bowl
-mash up avocado and and add sea salt
-mix the avocado into bowl of kale and tomato
-cut lemon in half and squeeze onto kale salad. 
-Mix and enjoy!!!

I normally use the whole lemon because I love, love, looooove citrus. I recommend to only use half the lemon, test the salad, and if it's to bland for you add the rest. Once you make this recipe once you'll remember what you'd like more or less of the next time around.
Hope you enjoy this simple salad!

Sing It With Me: Alright!

When driving into work early in the morning (i.e. 430am) I like to blast the most ridiculously upbeat music. Mostly for safety reason (to keep me awake and not crash) but also, it's just a great way to start the day! Currently one of the songs I've been listening to "Alright" by Supergrass....
Remember the movie "Clueless"? Remember how freakin' cool we thought Alicia Silverspoon was and how we dreamed of having a boyfriend like Paul Rudd's character (sans being a stepbrother which no matter how you spin it, even in a movie, is creepy)? And most of all, what girl wasn't in complete awe of Cher's closet? *sigh* Anyway, I originally heard this song on the "Clueless" soundtrack and it always makes me get all nostalgic.
 What songs help keep you up on your drive to work????

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gah. I hate when there are a million things I could be doing in order to feel/be productive before the next few weeks/months of hecticness but I can NOT motivate myself to do anything. I mean, like, ANYTHING! I can't even write a interesting blog post to save my life. Writer's block is such a little bitch. 
How do y'all get through these "trying" times.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Love Lamp

My cat Kahlo is a special one (examples: here and here). There are many moments when I'm wondering what is going through her head. A perfect example is her love for one particular lamp in my apartment which she enjoys 1) licking 2) gazing at 3) sitting beside for hours. Whenever I catch her doing this I can't help but think of Steve Carrell as Brick in Anchorman.
                               If you have a pet, do they have any "special time" moments that crack you up?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Recipe for a Sunday Fall Evening

Tis' the season where EVERYONE is obsessed with all things pumpkin/or apple. This faze never leaves me no matter the season but I fully embrace it when it is. I thought I'd share two delicious and freakishly simple recipes with you that add to a wonderful Fall evening:
Adult Apple Cider:
What you need:
4-6 apples (depending on how much you really love apple in your drink)
1 gallon of apple cider
cinnamon sticks
whiskey (I love me some Markers Mark)

-Pour in the cider and slowly heat. Do not bring (ever) to a full boil
-add cinnamon. If you like extra spice add nutmeg and cloves
-after about 5 minutes add the apples
-let simmer for 7-10 minutes
-pour into cup, add whiskey, and cinnamon stick 
It's important to NOT add the whiskey while you're heating everything up so it doesn't lose it's kick. My Mom used to do this.....but now come to think of it there may have been some motive behind her reasoning because she knew I'd be drinking it. Oh well. 
*Candied Plums:
What you need:
6 Ripe Plums
Butter OR Vegan Butter (either works)

-Preheat oven at 450
- Cut ripe plums in half and remove the pits
-Place plums in a bowl with a good amount of honey. 3-4 tablespoons should do the job.
-Move to a baking dish then add slivers of butter onto the plums
-Bake for about 20 minutes
-Add cinnamon to plums after they have cooled 
Very simple and truly delicious!

Hope you enjoy the recipes! 

*Note: This wonderful recipe was passed onto me by my dear friend JuJu.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Humpkin Pumpkin

It  is seriously getting beautiful out in New Orleans. It's still warm out but not unbearable. It's perfect weather to be outside ALL the time. John and I took it upon ourselves to bike around the city and enjoy a lovely October Hump Day.
 We spent most the day in City Park riding around and trying to find the Chime Tree (which was so easy to find it's ridiculous we spent so much time looking). We took little breaks around the park and snacked on yummy fruits. I've been on a orange kick lately.
 The Chime Tree was seriously amazing. I must go back soon. The sound just consumes you. It puts you in a meditative state......
Take a listen here:
We went to the Bayou Beer Garden after the park. Please note, John was NOT into me taking pictures of him today and tried to mess up every one.
I met up with my friend Andrea for some cups of wine and a puppy date at the levee.
Today was kinda awesome. I am totally embracing these weeks that I have off until my next film starts up.
How was your Hump Day?