Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Ugly Hour

Some of you may have heard of this term before or some of you may use it in a different form. My friends and I refer to the period of the day (sometimes work day) where you look at yourself in the mirror and don't recognize the person looking back at you. The person looking back at you is some crazed looking freak that you don't want to associate with until, WAIT, shit, that's me in the mirror.
Signs you have reached the ugly hour are:
-Your face looks thinned and crazed
-No matter how many times you re-apply your make-up it disappears into your crazed face within 3-6 minutes
- Your nose seems to be the largest body part on your face
-Your eyes stay widened at all times due to wanting to sleep and realizing you can't.
-Your hair becomes greased to your face like a 6 year old boy who's been playing outside all day long.
Here is a perfect example of me reaching the ugly hour. I look effin' crazed and the only thing going through my head is "When are we going to wrap? When are we going to wrap? WHENTHEHELLAREWEGOINGTOWRAP?!?!?!"
The ugly hour sneaks up on you and takes over with full force. There is no returning from it. It's the vampire of the ugly night. The only way to save yourself is by going to sleep for a proper amount of time, waking up, showering, and then doing it ALL OVER AGAIN!

Friday, June 24, 2011

                                                   Some days I miss my Mom more than others.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

RIP Megatron Phone

The moment I have been dreading has finally come. My phone is slowly dying a Megatron Transformer death and falling apart. Bits and pieces of metal are coming off and it's becoming abundantly clear that I must purchase a new phone this weekend. *sniff sniff tear*. I have somehow managed to keep this phone for 3 1/2 years which is pretty damn impressive. Any suggestions on what phone to get? My service is AT&T. My Dad wants me to get a Android.

*Note: I look a hot mess due to running around in the rain all night long at work
*Note: The phone normally did not shine so brightly. Those are the Megatron eyes in my phone quietly crying as it dies.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dear IPhone Hipstamatic "Photographers"

Dear IPhone Hipstamatic "Photographers",
I see that you are all very impressed by your new found skill in photography. We all know that Apple loves to take care of their Generation Y consumer base who love to buy the newest electronic every 6 months when things are released. College loan bill? Heck, no! We need the IPHONE 1,237 edition.
And as for college, where was the need to really take that Photography 101 class that you most likely failed out of due to not understanding aperture exposure and shutter speed. Oh, I know why you took it, to feel cool and artistic and have people think you were cool. Sadly, your dreams were crushed during your college (or maybe even high school) years because your ADD personality type didn't mix well with the patience it takes to get one single photo to be perfectly developed. Nay, that wasn't for you.....*sigh*
BUT WAIT! That brings us back to the amazing IPhone! You can now take all the "artsy" photos you dreamed of taking and post them on Facebook every few hours to prove just how much of a artist you have become. Of course people will believe that you were able to figure out the perfect lighting to make your cat  look like it was sent from the heavens. That was TOTALLY not a man made electronic sold all over the world to make people like you feel like they have the skills of  Nan Goldin (if you even knew who she was in the first place).
Congrats, Hipstramatic "Photographers. You have somehow, like a true American, convinced yourself that you are amazing at yet another "special" skill without ever taking the time to learn anything in the first place. Please reward yourself with a Big Mac and a Diet Coke....but don't forget to take a photo of it and post it on Facebook!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The sad part is, I walked out the door for work right after this photo was taken and John went out to meet up with his friends to celebrate the birthday of a friend who died 2 years ago. John was indeed in costume (per se) while I was just merely dressed for work.

Be-lated Father's Day Post

I know I'm a day late and a dollar short on the subject but I still wanted to do a blog post on my Father. For those of you who know me, you know my father is indeed my best friend. I joke with him (even though he doesn't seem to get the joke) over the idea of having him as my maid of honor one day. I mean, your maid of honor is supposed to be your best friend, right?
I was fortunate enough to be blessed with a father who has always loved me for who I was/am and has enjoyed watching me grow up. He loved my diaper stage, he loved my horrible adolescent stage, he is currently loving he's adult child stage with me. I am baffled with how he has done this. I hope one day I can do the same for my kids.
And with that in mind, I'd like to do a post of the 8 things my father has taught me in my 25 years on earth:

1) Listen to both sides of the story-
My Father is a lawyer so I'm sure this has something to do with it but he's always enforced the idea of listening to both sides of the story before passing judgement. Even when you hear both sides of the story it's still not a good idea to pass judgement as the sides you are listening to have both been influenced by the person who is telling it to you.
2) Make new friends, but keep the old -
My father has had the same best friends since he was in 3rd grade but he has accumulate an obscene amount of amazing friends along the way. Part of what helped me feel better about not being home for more than a week after my mother's death was knowing that he's friends would be there to take care of him. In previous post I have mentioned that I have been lucky enough, like my father, to have the same core group of girlfriends since I was about 9. I have also accumulated amazing friends along the years. It's hard to not compare this to my father and think he may have had a heavy influence on it.
3) Single-Sex colleges are the way to go -
A good deal of people find it insane that I went to a all-women's college. They seem to have the same facial reaction as they might have if I told them I killed a kitten by stumping on it for 3 hours. I'm unsure why people are so repulsed by the idea of a single-sex education but I always thought it was the best option for me when going to college. My father went to Washington & Lee when it was still single-sex and all the amazing stories he told me made me feel like a single-sex college environment would probably be the best fit for me. There is a time for study, a time for play, and also a time to form the strongest friendships you'll probably ever make as an adult. When talking to my other friends who went to a co-ed college, it doesn't seem like they had the same experience as me. It also doesn't seem like they formed the same sisterhood bond with their fellow female classmates that I did. Perhaps this wasn't important to them but to me, a strong bond between women is very important. My father experienced this in college as well and has continued to remain in contact with his college buddies just as I do with mine.

4) Don't be a Skank -
Okay, okay, he didn't EXACTLY say this but he did more or less bluntly tell me that if I chose to openly sleep around with many different men during certain periods of my life (ex: upon moving to a new city/starting a college) that a reputation would be assigned to me no matter what I did to change it. By no means did he tell me to never have sex or to not enjoy myself he basically told me to 1) think before I do 2) if I MUST behave badly be discreet about it. This life lesson has proven more useful in adulthood as I have seen many girls who try to enjoy themselves the way boys do with sexual behaviors get pigeoned-holded and not taken seriously. It impacts things as far as their careers. Perhaps he wasn't thinking this far in advance when he said it but my Dad is a wise, wise man so I like to believe he was.
5) Your 20s are met to be the years spent on you -
This is something I've repeated to myself time and time again through out my first few years outside of college. My Dad telling me this during my college years didn't seem to impact me as much as they do now. When I think back to what I was like at 22 and right out of college and what I am now at 25, I can't believe how much I've changed. I feel that my father (and mother) telling me that it's okay to fuck up, struggle, get angry, get out of control, do stupid things etc were part of figuring out who I am and knowing that they weren't going to judge me for doing said behaviors but only encourage them as long as they were helping me figure out who I was and who I will eventually be made a huge difference.
6) Don't be a Lawyer, plant a tree-
This advice came from my drunk Father when I was in 7th grade on a Glace family vacation in Mexico. He said it to a stranger who was in Law School but I felt like it was directed more at me. Or so I'd like to believe.
Note: When my Father was in college he called my Nana and declared that he would name his daughter "Garden" (being the hippie that he was) and my Nana replied, "John, who did you knock up?". I think this conversation between my grandmother and father also highlights how completely comfortable our family is with saying ANYTHING to each other.
This is me directing my father in my thesis film.....he didn't make the final cut.
7) Always be nice to cops - It pays off, seriously. While in high school I used to get countless speeding tickets and half of them I used to get out of by going to court and the cop saying, "She was very nice about it". Now, maybe that wasn't teaching me a lesson as I continued to speed until around 20 and now I drive like a grandmother. One extreme to the next, I guess. But honestly, I understand we all hate "pigs" and they ruin our supposed fun but honestly, it just is easier to be nice to them. Has disagreeing with a cop really gotten ANYONE anywhere? No. So, thanks Dad for breaking it down plan and easy earlier on so I didn't have to learn the hard way.
8) It's easier to be friends with everyone -
I'm still learning with this one. My jealous Scorpio nature followed by my stubborness and need to feel in control makes this one hard. I find as I get older it's becoming easier to follow this but I have a long way to go. My Father has taught me this by excellent example. I have met so many people who have met my father in passing and they all hold him in high regard.
Example: When I took my driver's test the second time (yup, I failed the first) the guy who was doing the test asked if I was related to John Glace. Trying to impress the man who was holding my freedom in hand I said, "Why, yes. He is my Father" and prayed that this man liked him. Turns out that he went to high school with my father. My father was, not to brag, pretty damn popular. He was a star athelete and was president of just about everything. You'd think he'd be a douche because let's be honest, it's expected. Well, this man remembered how nice my father was to him even though he wasn't very popular himself. He never forgot it and was impressed by his kind nature. Not only did I get my license that day but I realized that being nice to someone even for a moment in their life can impact them for long than you'd ever imagine.
I'm sure I'm forgetting something grand and important but I'll just file that under "My Dad is the SHIT and taught me basically everything I know".
Thanks, Dad. I love you. You ROCK!

Monday, June 20, 2011

 Snap Shots of my weekend.....
Lounging with my "kittens"

Drinks in the Quarter

Yummy Tapas

Dog Sitting Jdog's besties Conrad and.....


Movies at Canal Place...."Tree of Life". 

More drinks in the Quarter

Reading "Bossypants".
                                       Hope everyone had a great weekend and survives their Monday.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bath time with Kahlo

I've heard mothers complain about never having privacy with kids. Although I do not have any "real" children of my own I feel like I can relate. A perfect example of this is Kahlo and her love affair with the bathroom. It doesn't matter where she is in the apartment when you enter the bathroom, she will BOLT there as soon as she hears the door open. Let it to pee, poo, vomit, etc. that kitten will be by your side.
Bath time is her favorite. She spends about 40% of the time just laying next to the bathtub and the other 60% peaking over the tub like a creepsters. It's kinda cute, I will give her that but still, I'm naked and she's a animal with huge lemur-like eyes.
I love you, Kahlo, but sometimes Momma needs a little "Me" time.
This is a Monday-Thursday walk/dance.
This is a Friday-Sunday walk/dance
Can you tell I'm looking forward to the weekend? I haven't even started planning out what I want to do yet but I know it will most likely be AWESOME. I just want to run and play without restraints! I don't want to think about anything but drinking, naps, playing with my animals, and dance breaks WHENEVER I feel like it. Weekend, Mon Amour, come to me!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hump Day vs Bourdain Day

I wasn't to thrilled when I woke up and remembered it was merely Wednesday. Damn Hump Days. I want to punch them in the tit and make them feel the pain they make me feel. Anyway, about a hour after I reported to work 2 of my friends stopped by and said, "Dude, Anthony Bourdain is filming right across the street". This, my friends, is when my Hump Day started to look a bit brighter.
I have said it before but I RARELY ask for photos with actors. If I do, I make sure Abe Lincoln is somewhere being part of the photos to f*ck with my friends. Upon seeing Bourdain, I lost myself in my love affair for him. I seriously started shaking and completely ignoring the actors who had just landed at basecamp and needed to start with hair and make-up. Nay, Nay silly actors friends, Bourdain ranks a tad bit higher.
My friends and I ran across the street and had a FANatic moment. He was nice enough to take a photo with us. I don't think he was particularly thrilled about it but honestly, I just don't care.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Once upon a Random Beach Trip

One of the many perks of living in the dirrrrty south is that you are never to far away from a beach. Perhaps some people don't care about being close to a beach but this Water Sign LOVES it.
John and I went to Gulfport, MS which is about a hour and fifteen minutes away from New Orleans (give or take). We drove in yesterday afternoon and stayed until 5pm today. We were in and out but honestly, getting away from the city even if it's for a short time really pays off. More so when I'm working.
Maybe I've lived in New Orleans for a little to long but I discovered that you can NOT walk around with to-go cups everywhere. Upon learning this I decided to use my skills of trickery and make a GIANT to-cup.
We stayed in a hotel right next to the beach instead of coming home for the night. Any chance to stay in a hotel excites me but it's even nicer when it's with you partner. It's also nice to sleep in a king size bed and without 4 animals trying to crawl into bed with you.
We spent most the day outside at the beach and reading. John recently got a Kindle and is OBSESSED with it. I must say, as someone who has no interest in new electronics this new toy is pretty cool. The fact that there isn't a glare on the screen is pretty damn impressive within itself.
Even though we did put on (again and again) sunscreen we still somehow managed to get somewhat burnt. And by somewhat, I mean burnt in the oddest places.
                                                                 Example A:
Example B:

                             I'm sure it will fade away within 24 hours so I'm not to concerned.
When you look at this photo, what do you think? I think, "That looks like what will be alot of seagull poop". And guess what, I am right.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Last night I was lucky enough to see the band Beirut. Originally, I was supposed to be filming all night long and thought I'd miss one of my all time favorite bands YET again but due to some "issues" with the film we had off. I suspect next week at work will be a living hell for me to pay me back for such a lovely gift.
I had the best intentions of sneakily taking photos/videos at the concert and posting them on this blog for all to see the magic that is Beirut but alas, I was overtaken with emotions and could barely take my eyes off the stage let alone remember to take my camera out. I am not afraid to admit that I did tear up many times last night. I've been waiting yeeeeeeears to see them in concert. Check that off my bucket list.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sing It With Me: Mother Mother

Remember this song? Remember how old you were when it was popular? I do. I was about 9 years old and totally in lust with all the cool older girls who were all basically wanna-be Rayanne from My So Called Life. They were camp counselors at my camp and dyed their hair with Kool-Aid. They chanted this song while not paying attention to the kids they were supervising and I LOVED it. I listened to the radio non-stop until it finally played and I recorded it via my super cool boom-box my Uncle got me for Christmas that year.
Now as I'm older and listen to this song I think:
1) I miss the music of the mid-90s. What's up with that?
2) I miss being a care-free 9 year old who merely lusted over the cool older girls but wasn't one yet. And I'm not saying I'm cool. Nay. I'm just saying I'm old.
3) Um, I still really love this song. It is totally a great theme song for the adulthood of puberty that I'm currently going through.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tan Lines to be jealous of

I mean, come on, look at that perfect line on the side of my foot. It's just to damn ridiculous not to be proud of.
*Note: Sorry if feet repulse you

Me Look Special: Kahlo the Kitten

Ok, so I know I post alot about my dog Jackson and very rarely talk about my three ridiculous cats. It's not that I favor Jackson it's merely because it's easier to take a dog out in public than a cat. The idea of trying to take one of my cats to a bar with me makes me ache with pain and think about all the cat scratches that would ensue.
My youngest cat (who I still refer to as a kitten) is pretty damn cute. She has somehow never grown into a full cat and fulfills my "kitten fever". For those of you who don't know, Kitten Fever is very much like Baby Fever. Its the unexplainable need to just have something tiny and cute in your arms who loves you no matter what. I have thankfully yet to catch the Baby Fever but was cursed with the Kitten Fever at a very young age.
Kahlo has many special odd traits that I adore. She enjoys eating edamame (to the point she'll slap it out of my hand), she believes she is a puppy and plays mostly with Jackson (we adopted her 2 weeks before we were given Jackson), she has yet to grow out of her kitten eyes (see below)
She loves to crawl under the covers and gets seriously angry at feet (in general), she enjoys taking baths with me, her meow is super high-pitched and completely unexplainable, she loves banana bread. The list goes on and on, but one of my favorite things about her is her "special face"
Ya know, sometimes when Kahlo is just lounging and deep in her thoughts she makes this odd ball face. What's going ON in her head? It makes me think of Nick Stahl in the movie "Man Without A Face" when he runs away in the rain and spaces out. It's just....weird.
I can't help but touch it when she's deep in thought. Normally it shakes her out of whatever daydream she's in. And it should be noted that this isn't a recent development. She's been doing this since she was a  actual kitten.
Good god, I love this kitten and all her weird traits. I know it's a cat lady thing to say but I seriously think we were connected in a past life. I also believe that she in a reincarnation of my cat Sophie from when I was living back in Pennsylvania. But I'm not to creepy of a cat lady. I have a dog. So that helps, right? RIGHT?!?!?!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lise Leaves

Well, it's official. Lise has moved back up to Pennsylvania. I now have new neighbors who live above me. I have yet to physically see them so I'm still in denial that she's gone. I keep starting text messages to her like, "Hey, let's go to Superior Grill!" (the best margarita's in the city) and then sadly realize she can no longer join me there for Happy Hour.
So, in honor of Lise's/my big move into adulthood (even though we've technically been in it for 3 years) I thought I'd share some songs I put on her mix CD I made her for her drive back up north (I'm telling ya'll, I love making mix CDs!).
                        1) All Of My Days - Alexi Murdoch
2) Surburban War - Arcade Fire
3) Forever Young - Bob Dylan
4) The World At Large - Modest Mouse
5) Landslide -Dixie Chicks 
6) What is Life - George Harrison
7) Ampling Alps - Yeasayers
8) 9 to 5 - Dolly Parton (this video is RIDIC!)
9) Changes - David Bowie
                                                      See a theme? Eh? Eh?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Super Professional Decorating

On each film I work on I like to decorate my trailer ("office space) in the most ridiculous way possible. Our hours are long and stressful so it's nice to come back and find amusing "decorations".
Today is my last day on my current film. While this may not be my best trailer I've ever decorated I thought I'd still share some pictures. The trailer on this film is fairly small compared to what I'm used to working with so I wasn't able to really big out my creative side as much as I normally do.
As some of you might remember I am a fan of the honey badger. I have passed the love along to my current crew and we normally start the day by walking past each other saying, "Honey Badger don't give a shit" and the other replies, "Honey Badger don't give a fuck". It's a little way to get pumped for the hard day ahead.
I tend to have repeats in my trailers and this sign is one of them. Jeff Goldblum is to wonderfully odd not to hang up and have people be freaked out by daily.
In my current trailer there are two toilets......now, I work with mostly men and you'd think that they would know not to 1) pee 2) shit in a area where someone works. You'd be surprised how many don't so in order to not have it be a issue I taped down the seats and tried to make it crystal clear what should NOT be happening one foot away from where I do my paperwork.
This imagine has upset so many men on this film which bothers me greatly as 1) they tend to have homophobic slurs that are attached to their rage 2) they follow it up by demanding I put a hot chick up instead. Really, guy? You think that just looking at this awesomely ridic photo of The Huff might turn you gay? And why the hell do you think it's appropriate to hang a naked woman instead in MY trailer. I am not hear to make you happy and the more you say sexually degrading this the MORE naked men I will hang all around the trailers. All and all, it's just a really funny photo. If you can't take a joke, then SUCK IT.
There are a few other things around the trailer but like I said before, the space I'm working with is very small and is hard to work with. Hopefully I'll have a better example on my next movie.