Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars 2011

Ok, so I will admit that 1) I did not watch all of the Oscars last night and 2) I have not seen all the film nominated. But I have worked with a good deal of people involved with 1) voting 2) winning the awards and of course 3) people who worked behind the scenes in films.
So here are some highlights:
1) Melissa Leo - You are a crazy bitch. We all know it. I don't believe you were really "acting" in The Fighter. This fact aside....does NO ONE remember her crazy ads she put out in hopes of getting people to vote for her? I really want to know who designed these crazy images of her....I'm assuming it was none other than crazy Melissa Leo herself.
2) Christian Bale - This man has starved himself countless times to get a damn Oscars. I'm assuming we won't see scary skinny Bale coming out anytime soon now that he has his Oscar and he'll stay in his ultra-buff state of Batman. Also, let us not forgot this side of Christian Bale.
3) Natalie Portman - For the record, I HATED Black Swan. I think it's a film clearly directed by a man. Some may think that doesn't matter but with a film like that it does. I would be curious to see a directors cut of the film because I think it may be better. It seems like the producers may have gotten their hands on it and F'ed it up. But onto Natalie. She did do a great job. I would have much preferred to see Michelle Williams win as I find her to be the most talented actor who was nominated but due to the contexts of the film Blue Valentine I didn't expect her to win. What bothered me about Natalie's speech was that she "thanked the people who never get thanked". For a hot second I thought she was going to thank the electrics, grips, set dressers, etc....and most of all, the low of the low, production assistants. But no, she thanked people who ALWAYS get thanked and people who kiss actors asses on a daily bases. So Natalie, this is me telling you to suck it. Also, is it just me or is she one of the most awkward and uncomfortable looking pregnant women EVER?
4) Colin Firth - Eh, congrats, I guess. He was pretty good in the film. I honestly think they gave him a Oscar to make up for the fact that they didn't give him one last year for A Single Man. That was one of my top favorite films of 2010 and I have NEVER seen Colin act as superbly as in that film. I want to give an award to Colin's wobble neck. I am obsessed with that weird British man's wobble.
5) King Speech - I think everyone knew it was going to win but when they did the montage of all the films and they used the ACTUAL speech from the film to narrate the other films nominated it was a pretty safe bet that it was going to win. I really have no extreme feelings towards any of the films nominated. I guess I would have liked The Facebook movie, er, um, The Social Network to win but that may be more about my love for Andrew Garfield, the fact that I am 25 and that film IS my generation.
6) Tom Hooper - Was I the only person who honestly exclaimed aloud, "WTF, WHO?!?!?!" Yeah, I thought not. He's dedication to his mother was truly sweet and made me tear up because my mother has recently passed but other than that I was hoping David Fincher would win. And by the look of utter disgust on his face when he lost I think he thought so too.
7) I missed this moment and saw a photo after....my soul ached that I missed this magic.
8) And the Awkward Man Hug Award goes to.......
9) Aaron Sorkin - Gah, given.
10) The Creeply lip-singing children and final bow moment:
Ok, so WHO was smoking crack when they thought of this idea? Perhaps James Franco suggested it when he was blazed outta his mind during rehearsals. Those kids were over the top with their lip singing. It was freaky and then BAM the curtains go up and all the winners come out to take....their last bow? What is this some kind of musical play now? So, you get the biggest award of your life and you get to have the most epic horrible moment in Oscar history (give or take) and take a bow? Pass.
11) Oprah -
If I won a Oscar and Oprah handed it over I would have the say, "Well, Oprah, was my film one of your favorite things?" Oprah read the nominations for best short documentaries. For the record I think Poster Girl should have won.

Alright, so that's my basic run down of the Oscars. All and all, it was a pretty "blah" year.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Top 5 Things that I am in "Lovens" with right now:

1) Whiskey Gingers - it's like candy in my mouth
2) Embracing my temporary unemployment - Right now I'm inbetween movies and normally I'd be freaking out. The main reason I'm not is because I know come the middle of March I'll have work again. So, right now I'm just enjoying the little dayplaying jobs I have and loving the MARDI GRAS season that has finally started!

3) 4 Way Stop Signs - I love it when complete strangers come together suddenly and make it work.

4) The weather- The weather in New Orleans has been amazing. Mid-70s? YES PLEASE!

5) Dog Walking - This kinda goes with the "embracing my unemployment" but I finally have the time to take my sweet little puppy man on long walks. Heck, I even have time to take him to the dog park. He's very much a social butterfly. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hey Virtual World

Hey. So I'm a 20-something year old who is going through her quarter life crisis faze. And well, I enjoy stalking blogs that deal with similar issue so I thought, "Why not jump in the band wagon."
Here are some facts about me:
-I graduated from a women's college almost 3 years ago
-I live in New Orleans and work in film
-I have 3 cats, 1 dog, and live with my boyfriend of  2 1/2 years
-I enjoy embracing all forms of awkward events that come with being young, unmarried, and childless.
-I love pie more than anyone will ever know.

So, that's a brief bit about myself....que: shoving hands in pocket and staring at the ground.
Till next time, suckers!