Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Discoveries about L.A. thus far....

1) LA traffic is slightly enjoyable if you focus on how beautiful the mountains are 2) cupcakes from Sprinkles 3) Choices? (note: I went with neither)
1) It's impossible to eat cupcakes that look like boobs and NOT take this photo 2) My traditional "gorge before I start a new movie" pasta dinner in Beverly Hills 3) Skyping with my cats. Yup. My cats

1) Everyday I don't die while driving on the freeway is a damn miracle. I believe this city is called "The City of Angels" merely because they look out for you so you don't die while driving everyday.
2) The reason I probably survive the freeway is people actually use their turn signals (even if it's at the last minute) while NO ONE is southern Louisiana does. Very grateful.
3) Perhaps deep down I'm a healthy eater because I'm normally drawn to order things off the menu like granola or things labeled "raw". Los Angeles and food has proven to be a master cleanse to my New Orleanian diet body. Very delicious but very "cleansing"
4) I haven't seen one person on a bike. I've seen bikes strapped to cars but not actually being ridden.
5) I could care less about spotting "movie stars" as its actually my job to deal with them. What I have realized is that if I see a minor character on one of my favorite shows like "The Office" or "30 Rock" I am likely to shart myself with hidden excitement. So ashamed.

If you've been to L.A. do you have an suggestions of places I should check out?


  1. Oh, there's plenty of bike kids....I can't remember where we found them, but we did.

    Those cupcakes look delicious and they look like boobs. WIN WIN.

    And I saw 30 rock being filmed in NYC, my Mom was not the least bit impressed so we had to keep it moving.

  2. And about places to check out, there's this http://nickeldiner.com/ that has crazy donuts and I was unable to eat them but if you're breaking vegan edge, then please go eat them.

  3. Oh shoot, I want to comment on so many of your posts but H just woke up from his nap. I'll do some of it here real quick:

    1. Po-Boy festival? Yes. Please.
    2. Baby boys are the best.
    3. Love the guest post, that girls got style
    4. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving (x2!)
    5. Those cupcakes look bomb and that pasta does too
    6. We let H jump on the hotel beds like whoa, he goes nuts
    7. Skyping with cats AWESOME
    8. Have fun in LA!

  4. Glad you're having fun! I think LA is such a fun place to visit (I could never live there!), it's good for a quick getaway from PHX. If you like comedy shows the UCB (http://losangeles.ucbtheatre.com/) has fun cheap shows every night. A really cool bar is The Dresden (from the movie Swingers), it's an old school lounge with such cool vintage decor. I too like seeing minor celebs best :)

  5. Lisa - I'm TOTALLY going to try and go to a UCB show next time I'm back filming in LA next month. I'll have to check out Dresden!
    Allie - Thanks for all the lovely comments. Hope Henry didn't get into alot of trouble when you were leaving a comment.
    Heather - I'll totally check out that place! Thanks!