Friday, December 9, 2011

Links of Love

Drinkify: I could totally fool around on this all day.
How Did This Get Made Podcast: This is one of the current podcasts I am OBSESSED with. I'm pretty sure I've listened to each episode at least twice if not more. Also, John and I have mos def worked on movies that they feature on this podcast so listening to those episodes are a hundred times more funny because I remember thinking the same things on set.
Cat Versus Human: I am a cat lady, hear me rawr. Seriously though, if you own a cat(s) you'll love this blog. I have the same amount of pets as she does so every comic she publishes is like gold to me.
Eves Little Earthlings: I really love the simple little things she makes. My favorite are her beer cozies that  I'm thinking about getting myself for Christmas.
Other links:
1) Suri Cruise....that sassy little biatch
2) Budgeting never looked so fun
3) These music suggestions never seem to let me down. My favorite own by far has been by her husband.
4) With the holiday season surrounding us cooking is always on my mind.
5) Play games for a cause and challenge your brain.
6) Check out Lisa's re-opening of her Esty shop! My Paper Plane

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. We are twinkies with our cat vs human! I love her blog so much, and I don't even have a cat!
    I also spent too much time on drinkfy!

  2. I would have to go with the kitty blog, just cause I'm a cat person ♥

    Make sure to check out my Giveaway; today is the last day for it!
    Just when you thought

  3. hahaha what a very very accurate depiction of sleeping with cats. mine prefers to sleep on my back/chest rather than my butt. but she's aaaalways there...

  4. i love drinkify!.. except it sometimes makes me feel like an alcoholic. but whatever, that's like part of its appeal i guess. drink & listen to music. what else is there in life?

  5. Fun blog! just became a follower, also clicked on over to the source of the 'sleeping with cats' comic, good find!

  6. I've never heard of Drinkify but I'm going to check it out! I love that podcast too, anything from Ear Wolf is good. That makes it even better that you worked on some of the movies! Thanks for the link :) Hope you're enjoying Cali...