Sunday, December 11, 2011

How does one vomit on a plane and look classy?

Have you ever seen anyone throw up in the sick bag on a airplane before? Me either.
Until today.
And guess who it was....me.
Yup, I was that classy person throwing up in a bag on a airplane. Even better, I had a window seat.
On another note, I'm home from California! We started our filming hiatus a week early. Now I have 5 weeks off instead of almost 3. If I was a responsible adult I may be freakin' out right now but all I can think is "WOO-HOO 2 more weeks off!!! More time to play!"
Hope everyone had a great weekend and didn't end up vomiting next to strangers like I did!


  1. I almost passed out in a sushi restaurant last week, the boy had to basically carry me to the car.
    I feel your pain!

  2. I threw up into one of those bags in the airport cab on the way to get on a plane one time.... possibly more 'classy' (note to self, just because you have to leave for the airport at 4am does not mean staying up all night drinking is a good choice) enjoy your holidays! mine don't start till thursday!

  3. I had completely forgotten that this is a thing that could happen. I haven't been on a plane in forever, and I'm going to for the holidays.

    Have fun during your five weeks!

  4. Oh. My. God. That sounds HORRIBLE!! I have second hand embarrassment for you. I mean that in the nicest way possible haha. I've (kind of) been there though. It was legit the worst day of my life. I threw up on a crowded subway car, on the subway platform, then on the street, and then in a cab, which I was then thrown out of. To be fair, it was the day after my 21st birthday, and I think I had like 12 shots or something. Still, no fun.

    Have a good (hopefully vomit free) break!

  5. Oh nooooo! So sorry you got sick. Throwing up on an airplane is one of my biggest fears, second only to getting stuck in an elevator when I really have to pee. I'm sure I'm not alone in that one. haha! Now that the puking is behind you, I hope you have a wooonderful vacation. Are you on twitter? Your blog always makes me smile and I'm sure your tweets would do the same :)

    Talk soon!

  6. vom is the new black... it's so hot right now... hansel...

    jk, but I bet you DID make it look good!

  7. This one time, we ate red lobster before flying home from spring break..and I ralphed on the plane coming home. In the provided bag. So embarrassing.

  8. Hahaha, you are not alone! Don't worry. Ohh I love your blog lol

  9. Oh No!

    My boyfriend gets EXTREMELY air/car/life sick.
    We took a bus down to NYC on weekend and he was ralphing all the way. So mortifying. I can't imagine trying to puke in that little bag, please!

  10. Carmen: I had a VERY similar experience in NYC the day after New Years a few years ago. I feel your pain, sista.
    Sara: So glad I'm so stylish
    K.Rahn: My twitter is http://twitter.com/#!/misfitlove16

  11. Don't worry girl- you are not alone. I have had food poisoning on not one, but TWO flights!. One was NYC to PHX (4.5 hours) of me throwing up into a grocery bag. Worst flight ever... Glad you get a lil' break!

  12. That person is always me. I get motion sickness every single time I fly. It sucks. I hat emy stupid stomach.