Wednesday, March 9, 2011


One of the best days of the year was yesterday: MARDI GRAS!!!!!! aka Fat Tuesday. While I may have had a fractured foot I took Charlie Sheen advice and did some shots of Tiger's Blood for breakfast and braved the streets of New Orleans. 
The mere idea of driving into the Quarter during Mardi Gras is CRAZY! Normally John and I bike in but with a big boot on my foot it made it a liiiiiiittle tricky. Somehow we managed to find a awesome parking spot right off of Decatur street. This, my friends, is a Mardi Gras miracle.
The only boobs I saw during Mardi Gras
My Cripple Chair at the R Bar

Sewing tinsel into a vest goes under my "sounded
like a good idea at the time" file

While there were many, MANY Black Swans on the streets of New Orleans yesterday I liked to consider myself the Black Swan of The Saints. Also, my boot came in handy with holding my phone and camera! Positive thoughts!
Now for the detox the day after and icing my foot for days......

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