Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Top 5 Things that I am in "Lovens" with right now:

1) Whiskey Gingers - it's like candy in my mouth
2) Embracing my temporary unemployment - Right now I'm inbetween movies and normally I'd be freaking out. The main reason I'm not is because I know come the middle of March I'll have work again. So, right now I'm just enjoying the little dayplaying jobs I have and loving the MARDI GRAS season that has finally started!

3) 4 Way Stop Signs - I love it when complete strangers come together suddenly and make it work.

4) The weather- The weather in New Orleans has been amazing. Mid-70s? YES PLEASE!

5) Dog Walking - This kinda goes with the "embracing my unemployment" but I finally have the time to take my sweet little puppy man on long walks. Heck, I even have time to take him to the dog park. He's very much a social butterfly. 

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