Monday, March 31, 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wish Lists Wednesday

1) Fringe Kimono Jacket - I like to imagine that if I were a wealthy celebrity known for nothing but being a celebrity I would lounge around my giant house wearing only this and lacy underwear.
2) Sex and the City Coloring Book - EVERY WOMAN NEEDS THIS!!!
3) Ceramic Skull Gold Mouse - Punk rock cute.
4) Vintage 80s Sunglasses - Pretty sure these will be the sunglasses I wear on my wedding day!!!
5) White Embroidered Dress - Summer is right around the corner! Must have!
6) Oui Locket - I'm currently on the search to fine the perfect locket for my wedding day. Top contender?
7) Antique Gold Container - I want a hundred of these for all my little items scattered around my house.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weird Little Finds

During our recent trip to Arkansas we stopped in Little Rock to visit one of my college friends.
While doing research for the area I stumbled upon a little gem I just had to witness:
Look at John taking this adventure like a champ! *golf applause 
 This is a museum literally dedicated to purses through out the ages.
Just purses.....
 And the weird things that women during that time period MIGHT have carried in said purses.
(My favorite being the 90s women who carried blockbuster cards and condoms....because we all know what going to someone's house to "watch" a movie really means)
 It was so lovely and bizarre. A great spot to awkwardly catch up with a college buddy and giggle over the randomness of the museum.
BONUS: The amazing graffiti on the outside of the museum

Have y'all found random spot like this during your travels?
I'd love to hear about them!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wish Lists Wednesday

1) You Go Glen Coco Banner - And you go Mean Girl references too!
2) Orange Kitchen Board - So classic and cool.
3) Warhol Pillow - Perfect pillow to snuggle with on a couch.
4) David Bowie Shirt - I need all the David Bowie things. ALL OF THEM!
5) Men's Bike Hoodie - For my bike loving man.
6) Puffer Fish Plate - Plates are SO much more interesting with fun animals on them.
7) Milk Glass Mug - Milk, always a bad idea.
8) Leslie Knope Card - Everyday should be Galentine's Day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mini-Getaway: Arkansas

Recently, John and I took a trip to Arkansas. Why Arkansas you ask? Well, why not?
One of the perks of living in a area I didn't grow up in (the south) is I can take random vacations to areas I never imagined visiting.
John and I stayed in a cute Treehouse Cottage in Eureka Springs for the majority of our trip.
I feel like I should be completely honest....I perhaps never even heard of this lovely little town until, mmmmmm, maybe I started googling the idea of a "treehouse" vacation.
Thank goodness for google searches because it was absolutely charming!
 The biggest perk of the treehouse cottage?
It's MASSIVE jacuzzi tube with an amazing view of the mountains.
It's safe to say 58% of the trip was spent in this while nursing a glass or four of wine.
This trip was a much needed one and also made me realize that I am indeed getting older as I felt no need to go out everyday/night. The idea of literally doing NOTHING but long baths, cooking food and sitting by the fire is kinda my 28 year old jam.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Mardi Gras 2014

 This year was a rainy Mardi Gras but amazing just the same.
It's impossible to not love this city when you get to experience Mardi Gras season.
Everyone should come and celebrate at least once in their life!
Now it's time to get back to "regular life"

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wish Lists Wednesdays

1) Vintage Snack Set - The colors make it totally worth it.
2) What Would Dolly Do Print - I would love to know what Dolly would REALLY do all the time.
3) Harold & Maude - One of my all time favorite movies.
4) Show Me Your Kitties Sweatshirt - I would really, REALLY love to see a man wearing this during Mardi Gras season this year.
5) Honeycomb Selves - I've been eyeing these for awhile. It's about time I cave, right? RIGHT?!?!
6) Mid-Century Rotary Dial Phone - Currently obsessed with rotary phones even though I don't have a home line.
7) Crazy Kitty Sweater - All things kitties, all the time! Muhahaha!
8) Chicken Dance Print - I have perfected this dance while completely exhausted at work.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Glass Case of Emotions

John and I were talking the other day and discovered that we both have been secretly REALLY emotional these days. Like, crying over visa commercial of little girls growing up before their father's eyes emotions.
We've come to the conclusion it's likely due to the rapidly approaching wedding and how it's impossible to not feel ALL the emotions that come with such a big event. We both have lost family & friends, many hours have been spent talking about them and how to honor them during the wedding. It's such a big moment in our lives! It's crazy! How can we not get caught up in a case of emotions.
Here are a few random things that have made one or both of us burst into tears:
1) Ellen Page's amazing speech
2) An amazing piece of cheese from France
  (where we will be going on our honeymoon)
3) Listening to Same Love by Macklemore
 (this has been on going for many months)
4) Talking about our families and how grateful we are for them
5) Random moments in the show How I Meet Your Mother
(which we JUST got into watching)
6) Puppies

Monday, February 17, 2014

Malick Mondays

"Hello, my bloody Valentine"
(moments before she hit me for not petting her)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wish Lists Wednesdays

1) Plush Giraffe Pillow - Always a fan of anything giraffe related.
2) Neon Pink Slingshot - I want to give this to every little girl in my life.
3) Relationship Card - Perfect! So freakin' PERFECT!
4) Personalized Candlesticks - Creepy yet cute.
5) Mick Jagger Portrait - Fun fact: I'm walking down the aisle to a Rolling Stone song....hence I want all this Mick Jagger related. DUH!
6) Ferris Buellers Coloring Book - Check out this Etsy shop. They have so many funny coloring books.
7) Personalized Handmade Mustache Comb - Totally getting this for John.
8) Buster Bluth Tea Towel - I love my juice almost as I love my spirit animal Buster Bluth.